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It is only a 10 or 20 dollar belt and the work to install it at most should take 30 minutes.

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Sometime in 2003 BMW switched from a Poly V alternator belt to the Elast belt on the R-bikes.

With an old style solid pulley, when the engine rapidly accelerates then decelerates (like in city driving) the small, rapidly spinning alternator pulley puts a big strain on the belt.All motor vehicles use at least one drive belt, some have up to four, depending on the number of accessories fitted to the engine.

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The belt, named serpentine because it winds through the front of the engine in a snake-like manner, replaces the system of multiple belts that was common on older vehicles.One of the best ways to save on an alternator belt and its replacement cost is simply to shop around first to get a good idea of your local market.The total cost will depend on the vehicle you are driving, as well as if you choose a brand new, or a rebuilt alternator.Engine problem 2002 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 60,000 miles The belt will go on if I remove the tensioner cylinder, but then I cannot get the cylinder back on.

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The belt and pulley at the right hand end drives the alternator.The best way to find the cost for replacing your serpentine belt is to call your local auto parts store.

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There is something called an alternator belt which wraps around a pulley that is connected to the alternator.Cost to Replace Toyota FJ Cruiser Alternator - References We recommend the following online resources for trustworthy information about Toyota FJ Cruiser maintenance, repair and service.Commonly-installed vee-belts and multi-groove serpentine belts have specific limits regarding the amperage and horsepower loads they can support.

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In rare instances, the wiring harness plug which plugs into your alternator is also replaced.

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The alternator belt is a vital part of every aircraft engine and needs to be maintained accordingly.The alternator has the smallest pulley of the belt driven accessories, and it spins 4 or more times as faster than any other thing driven by the belt.

If the belt were to wrap completely around the pulley that would be 100% belt wrap. having 100% belt wrap completely around the alternator would be impossible but the greater the belt wrap the longer belt and pulley life can be expected.Pry the alternator towards the rear of the car and remove the belt - turn over the engine by hand to make it easy to roll a tight belt off 7.An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of alternating current.

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Alternator Removal and Installation Instructions 1. belt from the alternator pulley. 2 1 Loosen lock nut 2 NOTE: In the photo the wrench is installed to the center nut of the tensioner pulley.

A good fit was very important to avoid slip, and we suggest that the proper belt be used with the alternator.

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Drive belt width is a critical factor in selecting a replacement alternator.When an alternator is actively charging the battery, it is actually spinning inside the vehicle.It will already be part of the labor to remove the alternator, so the only added cost is the price of the belt.I am buying a new alternator for my car so I figured that I might as well change out all the belts as well.

If a different belt must be used, it may be a good idea to change the pulley on the alternator to correspond to the belt.The major difference is the tensioning of the ELAST belt requires a different tool and procedure.Older cars will use a V-belt for the alternator while newer cars will use a serpentine belt.Installation will depend on where the alternator is located on the belt system, and how many other parts need to be taken off for access.

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The alternator is a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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Have been recovered to home address, and now lookign for a local garage to do it for a good price.

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A tensioner maintains the correct amount of tension on the belt at all times throughout its duty cycle.With an overrunning pulley, the alternator can keep spinning.

The last item which may require replacement along with your alternator is your battery.BAS: The Low-cost Approach to Hybrids What is all the recent hype about belt hybrids.These resources deliver honest real world ownership perspectives and useful facts for anyone researching the cost to replace the alternator on the Toyota FJ Cruiser.Then the turnbuckle retaining bolt on the alternator can be removed and the alternator rotated toward the engine to allow removal of the belt.

Put the new belt in place on the alternator, of course not missing the water pump pulley - make sure the grooves are properly aligned - turn engine over by hand (crank pulley) to assist.

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